Are you hoping for a natural birth? Assembling a care and support team for pregnancy, labor, and delivery is a vital for achieving the birth you want, but your support system will also play a longer-lasting role in your family’s health. Since a healthy pregnancy is an important part of a healthy birth, and a healthy birth sets the tone for baby’s wellness throughout life, establishing partnerships with providers you trust is essential from the very beginning of pregnancy. Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or you’re currently expecting, here are a three providers you want on your team to increase your chances for a natural birth.


A provider that supports your choices through pregnancy and labor

Whether you choose an OB or midwife, find a care provider you resonate with and trust. You should aim to find someone to support your goals during pregnancy and delivery. It’s also important to consider the facility where your provider practices. Some birth centers and clinics put their providers on call, which means when you go into labor, you might end up with a different doctor or midwife than you planned. Make sure you’re comfortable with all the care providers and that they’re willing to support your desire for a natural birth. Finally, look up the cesarean section rate if you’re delivering at a hospital before deciding.  Remember, if your provider isn’t supportive of your choices, it is never too late during your pregnancy to switch to another provider!

A doula

Studies show individuals who use doulas have lower c-section rates. Doulas are very helpful in helping moms with pain management techniques, which can in turn lessen the chance of extra interventions during birth. Having a doula is especially important for those having a hospital birth, particularly if an un-medicated labor is part of your birth plan. It’s so empowering to have someone to advocate for you and your choices as you prepare to meet baby.  Remember, a doula isn’t there to replace your partner, they are there to support you both and because they know birth and labor stages better than most parents!

 A prenatal chiropractor and body worker

Finally, a chiropractor and body worker who specialize in prenatal care can play a significant role in keeping you comfortable during pregnancy and preparing your body for labor, especially when it comes to baby’s position for delivery. Optimizing the balance of the pelvis relieves stress on the uterine ligaments, allowing the uterus AND baby to get into an ideal birth position. Chiropractic also decreases tension in your body, particularly in your stomach, hips, pelvis, and diaphragm, which contributes to a quicker and healthy labor, based on a study from Dr. Joan Fallon.  Chiropractors have extensive training in nutrition and can help you optimize your health before pregnancy, when prenatal visits often don’t  start until 8-12 weeks of pregnancy with your birth care provider.  Remember, it is never too early to begin planning for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Who supported you most when you were expecting? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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