Nourish Care, Simplified!

Hello, to our amazing clients at Nourish Family Wellness!

We are writing to update you on improvements we are making to our membership payment process to simplify and streamline your experience both here and with your financial tracking at home!

Right now, our 2019 options for Wellness Care are numerous, and we are changing this to reflect our value of simplicity. I mean, what busy person, like yourself, doesn’t want more simplicity!?

Beginning October 1st, we will have a new, more simplistic Wellness Membership Option and Fee Menu.

For the Wellness Membership Option, commit to one visit per month at $37 for adults or $30 for kids and have this automatically deducted from your choice account monthly. Need more than one visit per month? No problem! For those already committed to monthly care, simply pay for each additional adjustment at the visit and the fee will just be the same discounted price of $37 for adults and $30 for kids!  There is also a perk reward for weekly clients as each persons’ 4th visit per month is complementary as we value this commitment to weekly care!

Don’t want to continue a membership? No problem! You don’t need to do a thing! All 2019 memberships will be cancelled by Sept 30th. You can then come as you please and pay our daily rate of $47/visit. If you want to continue with our new, simpler membership option, you will need to re-enroll in our new option when you come in beginning in October 2019 and onward—It’s truly that simple!

Still locked in with our 2018 membership rates?  You get to finish your membership out as you planned, no changes there!   Once you’ve completed your 2018 plan, you decide if you’d like to enroll for our new option OR just pay our same great daily rate of $47/visit!

Thanks for allowing us to care for you and we look forward to caring for you on a deeper level by simplifying your life a bit more!


The Team at Nourish

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