Sick Season Survival Guide

The time is upon us—sick season.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Every mom’s dreaded season.

We miss school, we miss work, we lose sleep, and meltdowns ensue.

As moms, we get it.  So we’ve compiled our favorite tips to help you SURVIVE the dreaded sick season!

Of course, we know the best way to prevent sick season is through proactive approaches! This can be done with a whole food diet for proper nutrients, chiropractic adjustments to boost the immune system with proper brain-body signaling AND with Foundational Nutrients!  In this free printable, we share with you the vital nutrients needed for the body to stay well through sick season through food and supplements to fulfill what is lacking in our modern diet.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

BUT, what if?

What if our kiddos (or worse–mom) gets sick?

For this, we’ve created our Sick Season Survival Guide, which walks you through our favorite tips to ensure you can survive with the most natural methods possible!

Have questions?  Join us in our group for moms, Nourish Moms, on Facebook, where we grow as a community of moms, sharing tips to make it through motherhood healthy!

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