After experiencing fertility struggles with my conceiving my son, I dove head first into educating myself on how I could improve my health–to benefit my hormones and fertility. Then I began seeing successes in my practice including a mom becoming pregnant after 5+ years of infertility and exhausting medical options.

It is now my hope to share this information with you to help you be restored to health!

This seminar isn’t intended to treat anything specifically, it is specifically targeted to improve your health. Why? Because if your body is healthy, it can do what it is created for.
It sounds so simple, and you may not believe it, because our current health model has told us that our bodies are broken and unable to function well without a medication OR artificial hormone.
I want to offer you a different perspective, one of HOPE:
Our bodies are wonderfully made to function at its best–we only need to give it the nutrients (building blocks) it needs to work best as it was intended to. Yes, these building blocks are different for each person, but if you look at the medical model the treatment is nearly identical for each woman. If you aren’t seeing success, maybe this is because it isn’t targeted to your body’s needs and they do nothing to ensure that you are healthier, only to override your body. This information will truly help you to be healthier in the long run, and that is what matters most!

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Seminar Info

Join Dr. Elizabeth Berg as she shares:

1. Why hormone fluctuations are such a problem for women today.

2. Lifestyle Changes to begin balancing your hormones, naturally.

3. Nutrients that help to lay a foundation for optimal hormone balance.

This purchase includes:

1. A short, 30 minute engaging video WITH pertinent lifestyle tips to help you begin optimizing your hormones through simple changes!

2. Printable slides from the course to take notes.

3. Printable of the recommended Baseline Essentials discussed in the video!

4.  Printable blank “Daily Schedule” to get you started on making small changes you can commit to!

5. Next Steps-  What to do if you want to dive deeper and get more results.

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