“Dr. Berg and Lyndsey have been so wonderful working with us and our little one on a nursing plan. Without their guidance, patience and knowledge we probably would have given up prematurely. They are 2 women that have been there with their own children which gives them a unique perspective. I appreciate their caring and supportive nature; they have clients for life with our family!” ~Elise

 “Elizabeth Berg was my saving grace early in my son’s life. As I struggled with breastfeeding and Will’s reflux worsened by the day, my best friend suggested I get in touch with her chiropractor – Elizabeth. Not only was Elizabeth able to diagnose my son’s lip and tongue tie – which played a starring role in Will’s inability to latch properly – she helped me through an elimination diet, choosing the correct bottles and formula, improving my milk supply, and just plain BEING THERE and providing support to a stressed-out mom! She referred me to a specialist to have Will’s lip and tongue tie corrected and after the procedure Elizabeth worked with Will and I in improving his ability to suck. She is a wealth of knowledge and was integral in solving my son’s reflux issues. Elizabeth is genuinely caring, intelligent, and encouraging. She was able to help me when others couldn’t, and I feel lucky to have found her.”   ~Melanie