Hormone Reset: Restore Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally

Are you feeling run-down, experiencing weight-gain or unexplained aches and pains?

Do you suffer from PMS, heavy or painful periods or mood changes?

I have something great that can help you to understand and free yourself from these symptoms!

Dr. Rachel is offering an online class on how to reset your cycle naturally! Whether you are menstruating, in menopause or looking to get off of the pill and increase your fertility, this is the class for you!

Fee | $25.

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I certify that I am healthy enough to participate in this class and I understand that this class is not a replacement for medical care.

I authorize the nutrition consultant to release the information gained during the class to my primary care physician(s) and health care provider if need-be.

I indemnify the admins of this class from any legal obligation regarding their recommendations.

I understand that all medical care for myself is to be provided by our physician(s) and health care providers.

All information shared in the class is property of the class and I will be subject to liability if I share another other member’s information or information from the class without written and signed permission.

I accept payment responsibility for the services provided. Payment must be made in full in the amount of $25 before you will be emailed with registration to the class.  To pay via our secure PayPal link, click here.