Hi, I’m Lyndsey

I am a curious person, I like to find out the “WHY,” and I was not satisfied with the vague “why” I received when I ran into challenges nursing my second child.

I had breastfed my child for six months .and created an abundant supply.  My supply was cut in half in just one night from an engorgement issue.  I was left with panic, how would I feed my baby?  I started my mission asking health professionals, “How this could happen so quickly?” and “Will I be able to recover enough to succeed for the next six months?”

The spark of inspiration which led me to pursue lactation training was a direct result of this difficult time in my life. Through my lactation training I found my answers and inspiration to help other families with their difficulties with breastfeeding.

I enjoy solving problems for myself and others, especially when it comes to helping families with something so important as breastfeeding. Everyone has their own goals and I will do my best to help you reach them, on your own terms.  I have a degree in psychology and I adapt well to working with different types of people.  I enjoy the simple things in life, having a casual weekend home with my children and husband or dinner with friends. I believe people are at their best when helping each other. What kind of lactation help do you need?