Nourish Birth Online

After experiencing a difficult birth experience with my first baby, I wanted to empower myself before trying for baby #2.  I went to Spinning Babies Seminars, became certified in Prenatal Specific Webster Technique, read books from Ina May and soaked up any information about pregnancy and birth that I could.  I knew my body could do better, it was just missing something… I’m so glad my quest to find information helped me experience a positive difference during my second birth that was peaceful and short.

That’s where this class comes from.  I wish I had Nourish Birth before I became pregnant with my first baby, so I want to share it with you today!
Several first-time-moms have reported 4 hour or less active labor times after completing this course and others have reported greater confidence in the labor and breastfeeding process.

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Online Class Info:

  • Wanting to prepare for an easier, more comfortable birth?
  • Hoping to prepare for breastfeeding to prevent stress?

Join Dr. Elizabeth Berg as she shares:

  1.  Techniques partners and doulas can do to help you feel comfortable through pregnancy & labor.
  2.  Nutrition to support an energized pregnant body and a nurtured mom.
  3.  Basics to getting breastfeeding established with ease.

This $35 purchase includes:

  1.  A succinct 80 minute video showing stretches, exercises and positions to help you feel comfortable.
  2.  Printable notes from the course to follow along.
  3.  A Facebook Community of other women who are also marking the transition to a new family.

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