The most common reason moms bring their babies to us is breastfeeding support. Since we believe whole-family health starts with nourishing our children as nature intended, we’re committed to helping moms and babies breastfeed well — without the exhaustion, grief, and frustration that so many of us face.

Like many of my clients, I had a discouraging experience breastfeeding my first son. I’d exhausted all options with lactation consultants and MDs, but I was determined. I scoured the internet, read books, completed 90 hours of lactation training, and began to pursue IBCLC certification. It worked! I helped myself breastfeed, and now I’m able to help my clients.

As chiropractors, we have an amazing opportunity to equip moms and babies to breastfeed better and longer. That’s why I developed Nourish Professional Chiropractors, a resource for chiropractors who are committed to empowering their clients in a healthy lifestyle.

The training modules are currently undergoing editing and updating and we a pausing these offerings until the online learning modules can be updated. thank you for your patience as we make these important changes!