The most common reason mamas bring their newborn babies to me is for help with breastfeeding issues, and chiropractic school didn’t equip me for this.

It felt defeating, as I wasn’t always able to help my mama clients.

Then, I had my first son and had a horrible experience with breastfeeding. Like many of my clients, I exhausted options with Lactation Consultants and MD’s.   I didn’t even know how to help my own baby.   😦  I grieved the loss of what I wanted for my baby–to be nourished as nature intended.

I had a new mission and passion–LEARN ALL THE BREASTFEEDING THINGS!  I scoured websites, read books, completed 90 hours of Lactation Training and am pursuing my IBCLC–just so I personally would never go through my experience again with my second baby.   It worked! I helped myself, and now I am able to help my mama clients and babies!

We have an amazing opportunity to help these mamas and babies breastfeed better and introduce them to the healthy, chiropractic lifestyle.  That is why I’ve developed Nourish Professional for Chiropractors.

These stand alone, online, Module style training sessions allow you to select only the information that is essential for your practice. Each module contains pertinent information with videos, pictures, recipes, notes, supplement recommendations and more!  Modules can even be watched from the comfort of your phone! 

Want more than just the support offered by the module?  Join Nourish Holistic Breastfeeding’s Facebook Support group where we will talk all things lactation and support each other to help our mama clients and babies be nourished!

Modules | $50 per module.  

Module I: Tongue & Lip Ties with Bonus Cranial Technique | Click Here for Module Details & Registration Info. Login Valid for 3 months. 

Module II:  Low Milk Supply & Galactagogues | Click Here for Module Details and Registration Info.  Login Valid for 3 months.

Module III: Engorgement, Clogged Ducts & Mastitis (COMING 2018!)

Module IV: Oversupply, Nursing Strikes & High Lipase Milk (COMING 2018!)

Module V:  Breastfeeding & The Working Mama (COMING 2018!)

Module VI: Birth & The Impact on Breastfeeding (COMING 2018!)

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 Thank You!  -Dr. Liz Berg