The most common reason moms bring their babies to us is breastfeeding support. Since we believe whole-family health starts with nourishing our children as nature intended, we’re committed to helping moms and babies breastfeed well — without the exhaustion, grief, and frustration that so many of us face.

Like many of my clients, I had a discouraging experience breastfeeding my first son. I’d exhausted all options with lactation consultants and MDs, but I was determined. I scoured the internet, read books, completed 90 hours of lactation training, and began to pursue IBCLC certification. It worked! I helped myself breastfeed, and now I’m able to help my clients.

As chiropractors, we have an amazing opportunity to equip moms and babies to breastfeed better and longer. That’s why I developed Nourish Professional Chiropractors, a resource for chiropractors who are committed to empowering their clients in a healthy lifestyle.

These stand-alone, online, module-style training sessions allow you to select only the education essential to your practice. Each module contains pertinent information with videos, pictures, recipes, notes, supplement recommendations, and more. For your convenience, modules can even be watched on mobile devices!

Want more than just the support offered by the module? Join Nourish Holistic Breastfeeding’s Facebook Support group where we talk all things lactation and support each other helping our clients nourish their babies!

Modules | $50 per module.  

Module I: Tongue & Lip Ties with Bonus Cranial Technique | Click Here for Module Details & Registration Info. Login Valid for 3 months. 

Module II:  Low Milk Supply & Galactagogues | Click Here for Module Details and Registration Info.  Login Valid for 3 months.

Module III: Engorgement, Clogged Ducts & Mastitis  (date of release TBD)

Module IV: Oversupply, Nursing Strikes & High Lipase Milk  (date of release TBD)

Module V:  Breastfeeding & The Working Mama (date of release TBD)

Module VI: Birth & The Impact on Breastfeeding (date of release TBD)

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