Nutrigenomic testing is the study of how our genes impact our nutrition, and how our nutrition impacts our genes. It is simply the most detailed look at how you are designed as a unique individual, and how your body handles things like inflammation, immune system function, detoxification, energy production, mood & behavior, and more.  It can also impact how healthy your next baby will be.  This test is easy to use with any age as it’s just a cheek swab, no saliva necessary.

Consider your body as a recipe.  Imagine you used all the right ingredients to make your chocolate chip cookies, but you didn’t follow the ingredient order.  Your cookies may not turn out the way you expect–it is because order matters!   Now imagine, you used all the right ingredients but didn’t follow the amounts.  Again the cookies may not turn out as you expect.  This is because the amount matters.   Now imagine you used all the right ingredients in the right order, but you didn’t follow the baking instructions.  We may end up with rock hard cookies or doughy cookies.

In your body, our genes tell us the order that we need to put ingredients into our body and they tell us what amounts we may need for ideal health.  Our lifestyle simulates the oven and how well these ingredients can be used as fuel for our bodies for ideal health outcomes.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic health challenges and feel like you’ve had every test under the sun run on yourself – but are still struggling – nutrigenomic testing will help you tie it all together, finally.  This test provides a comprehensive look at your gene profile and recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes to implement for optimal health!

Nutrigenomic Testing and Counseling | $439

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