Infant Chiropractic & Lactation Experience:shutterstock_115650451

“Elizabeth Berg was my saving grace early in my son’s life. As I struggled with breastfeeding and Will’s reflux worsened by the day, my best friend suggested I get in touch with her chiropractor – Elizabeth. Not only was Elizabeth able to diagnose my son’s lip and tongue tie – which played a starring role in Will’s inability to latch properly – she helped me through an elimination diet, choosing the correct bottles and formula, improving my milk supply, and just plain BEING THERE and providing support to a stressed-out mom! She referred me to a specialist to have Will’s lip and tongue tie corrected and after the procedure Elizabeth worked with Will and I in improving his ability to suck. She is a wealth of knowledge and was integral in solving my son’s reflux issues. Elizabeth is genuinely caring, intelligent, and encouraging. She was able to help me when others couldn’t, and I feel lucky to have found her.”   ~Melanie

Chiropractic Experience:

“When I was driving to work today virtually pain free on my one and a half hour commute I decided that I wanted to send a little note and thank my Doctor for everything that she has done for me in a very short time. I am a 52 year old guy and I have never been to a chiropractor. The pain issue that I was experiencing is something that has reoccurred on a number of occasions and usually takes multiple months to work out on its own. When I decided to try a chiropractor I had been in pain for a month or maybe two and the pain was getting worse and interfering with my life. I have only been in three times over the course of a week and my pain is somewhere in the range of 90% better already. I look forward to getting rid of the last 10%. In addition to how impressed I am with my results I am equally impressed with how my doctor explained the process, her openness to my questions, the time she took, and her overall professionalism and manor in treating me. Thank you so much” ~David

Metabolic Testing & Nutrition Consultation Experience:

“I have been seeing Dr. Berg for chiropractic care for several years, I usually go see her a few times a year for back & neck stiffness.  I have always been very healthy.  But at the age of 44 I gradually started feeling awful most days.  I was feeling tired, I had aches and pains and stiff joints, I was always hungry, my nails, hair and skin were brittle and dry.  I had been gaining weight and no matter how good I ate or how much I exercised I couldn’t lose a pound and keep it off.  I also started having horrible night sweats.  My primary care physician did not seem concerned and said I was just getting older and told me to eat more vegetables.    I felt alone and hopeless!

I was at an appointment with Dr. Berg and I was explaining to her my frustrations and she told me she thought she could help me.  I was so excited to have someone listen to my concerns and take me seriously. 

I completed a health questionnaire in which Dr. Berg was able to pinpoint where she thought my issues were stemming from.  She then laid out a clear plan of treatment to fix it and the best part was it was all natural!  She uses a proven line of supplements that are high quality and all natural which was important to me.  I started with a short cleanse and within days I was already feeling better I just couldn’t believe it!

Dr. Berg has been very supportive every step of the way.  When I have questions I just send her an email and she responds within 24 hours with answer and ideas on how to proceed.  She genuinely cares for my health and wants to see me succeed and be healthier. 

After only 2 months in, I wake up each morning feeling rested and refreshed.  I no longer ache all day, I am not taking ibuprofen daily, I am not hungry and exhausted all the time.  I no longer have night sweats and my hair and nails are growing and much stronger.  I have lost nearly 20lbs and my clothes are fitting better than ever.    I am excited to continue on this journey of a healthier me! Thank you Dr. Berg you are amazing!” ~ Kelly