There is nothing more stressful, as a new mom, than navigating breastfeeding difficulties.  shutterstock_114711397

Due to breastfeeding providing nourishment both physically and emotionally for baby, it’s always best to seek help quickly.

The watch and wait approach is hardly ever the correct approach for breastfeeding difficulties.

Nourish is equipped and ready to help you navigate:

  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • Why is my baby not gaining weight?
  • Why won’t my baby stay awake while feeding?
  • Why does my baby arch her back and cry when I try and breastfeed her?
  • Why are my nipples so sore? (or cracked and bleeding?)
  • How can I increase my milk supply naturally?
  • Should I wake baby to eat or just let him sleep?
  • Why can baby eat on one breast comfortably, but not the other?
  • What can I do so my baby isn’t spitting up so much?
  • Does my baby have a lip or tongue tie and what can I do about it?
  • Where can I learn the Suck Retraining Exercises after my baby’s lip/tongue tie release?

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