Nourish Health. Nourish Family. Nourish Life.


I’m Dr. Liz Berg.

I wanted a place I can get care for myself and my kiddos are welcome too!  That is how Nourish began.  The vision has expanded and you will notice the staff has their kids along, too!

I have 3 passions and our office strives to:

  1. Help mamas and babies breastfeed better, especially after a lip or tongue tie.  I’ve been through a lot of breastfeeding issues and didn’t get the support I needed, so after pursuing lactation and other specialties, Nourish can provide this support.
  2. Help pregnant moms to feel good & enter motherhood healthy.
  3. Help women who are exhausted and depleted to replenish and be nourished.  I often hear from clients that even though their lab results are “normal” they just don’t feel good.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Please let us know and we help set up a plan to help you feel healthy again!

Nourish is a collaboration of:

Chiropractic, Craniosacral, Acupuncture, Breastfeeding Support, Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine, Childbirth Education, Prenatal Wellness and Metabolic & Nutritional Health for people of all ages.