Pregnancy pain shouldn’t have to be “normal” or tolerated. A fussy baby is not “typical” and just needs to cry it out. We want to nourish a better ideal for you–health.   When you are healthy, you and your family will flourish.

Nourish Health. Nourish Family. Nourish Life.


Our office specializes in:

  1. Helping babies breastfeed so that they feel full and content without gas, or fussiness, even through struggles with lip and tongue ties!
  2. Helping pregnant moms to feel amazing & enter motherhood healthy.
  3. Helping women who feel depleted to replenish their energy–even when the lab results come back “normal” showing nothing is wrong.  If you look good on paper, why don’t you feel that way? Let us help you change that.

Please let us know and we can help set up a plan to help you feel energized and nourished through motherhood!

Nourish is a collaboration of:

Chiropractic, Craniosacral, Acupuncture, Breastfeeding Support, Prenatal Exercise, Naturopathic Medicine, Childbirth Education, Prenatal Wellness and Metabolic & Nutritional Health